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Get ready to glow inside and out. Visit Harmony BMW to nurture your divine spirit, enhance your wellness, and take your practice to the next level. Everyone is truly welcome.

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Why Harmony BMW?

At Harmony BMW, we believe in using an integrated approach to finding Harmony in health. Through practice in the systematic training of Pilates for core strengthening which focuses on strength, stability, stamina, and flexibility to functionally training, yoga, surfset and neurological training we will guide you in finding your alignment.  Whether you are a high-performing athlete or a post-rehabilitation patient, and regardless of your gender, age or body type, This integrated approach will improve your level of fitness, self-confidence and overall functional well-being. 

We’ve designed our studio to be an inviting and encouraging environment that will help you grow and have a better understanding of your body and the method of "Contrology" through Pilates, yoga, and integrated bodywork. 

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Bodywork has been used to improve health and wellness for thousands of years. Bodywork techniques offer enormous benefits with almost no side effects. They can help your body heal faster, mobilize systems that are ‘stuck’, and improve your quality of life significantly. 

Your own health and goals will determine which of these might be best for you, but one thing is for sure – everyone could benefit from incorporating at least one of these into their life. We recommend and regularly remind our clients that they should have at least one of these in their arsenal for their best health.



Analese is a fully-certified Pilates, Yoga and Surfset instructor who prides herself on offering excellent instruction and outstanding service. She's a movement expert and has a thorough knowledge of human biomechanics, enabling her to create challenging and restorative workouts and movement practices.

With many years of experience, she boasts a wealth of knowledge and a passion for holistic wellness. All lessons are customized for each clients needs.



I am excited to support you on your wellness journey through personalized and intuitive coaching, grounded in years of personal experience, robust training, and a flexible approach. Whether you rejuvenate your body with our energy work service or renew your body in our full spectrum Infrared Sauna, these services are designed to provide cleansing and detoxification of the body. You'll leave feeling relaxed, refreshed, and detoxified.

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